LVL UP FASTER!(maplestory and mapleSEA guide)

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LVL UP FASTER!(maplestory and mapleSEA guide)

Post  Dyoski on Wed Dec 26, 2007 4:55 pm

Lvl faster u need a party or a pt(party quest).Go to Kerning City and the Leader must talk to a girl named Lakelis.U need 4 ppl in the party,I prefer there must be 1 archer,1 thief,1 warrior and 1 magician.the lvl must be between 20 or 21 to 31.To make the pq easier,u need a track.I don't know where to get but u can ask people.I don't know wat monsters are in the pq but I know the last monster to kill in the pq,KING SLIME!!!!!! king
Yes KING SLIME.This is the info about King Slime:

King Slime level:lvl 40
A giant slime that shows up in the deep forest at the last level of party quest. A jumping attack using its massive body is earth-shaking and impressive in its damage it occurs. If damaged to a certain point, it summons other slimes, and even after it dies, it breaks off into many slimes, so there's no room for a breather.
Well u got it,but pq is all for n00bs and stuff,they only want to do pq cause they want more EXP,I'm already lvl 30 Bandit afro
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Your a bandit?

Post  Cyclone999 & Briggles on Thu Dec 27, 2007 6:22 am

Hey Dyoski, can you train my guy? Maple Story doesn't work on my computer anymore and my guy is level 23 and I want him to become an Assassin? Can u help?


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