Bandits & Assassins CP Style (AGAIN)

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Bandits & Assassins CP Style (AGAIN) Empty Bandits & Assassins CP Style (AGAIN)

Post  Cyclone999 & Briggles on Mon Jan 07, 2008 10:57 am

I am now currently hiring some special "ops" in hopes of getting more coins. To do this you will be a "bandit" or "assassin" in Club Penguin and pretend to steal coins/money. We will have to take courses and meet ALWAYS in different servers. Also, make sure you don't be stupid (like robbing in Agent HQ, you WILL be banned)

Here is where we will meet (as in battling)

Odd Days: Rocky Road, Cove. If full, Rainbow, Forest.
Even Days: Fjord, Snow Forts. If full, White House, gift shop.

Home Base:
Koskuicho Australian, Dojo.

Here is our attacks:
Wave------Throws Stars
Walk over Enemies----------Dagger Style!

Our main puffle colours are:
Black (for members)--------Tornado, Attacks DEVASTLY!
Red (for non-members)------------Jump, Pounces on enemy, blinding them.

Remember Assassins use stars (but they don't have good normal range) and Bandits use daggers (but NO far attacks). Healing should be done secretly.

Wear mostly "dark" items, as in a dark colour, but mostly have the Lighthouse Beanie on if you have it, or any colour toque. Also, make sure you have a scarf, it will stop your cover and lastly, have the friendship bracelet on if you are an assassin. It's a claw letting you throw stars, if you don't have a claw, you can't throw stars. Also, for bandits, wear something that looks like a dagger (for non-members------maracas, marshmellow on a stick, etc.) so make sure so we can tell you apart. But wear something over your eyes (sunglasses, funny face glasses, eyepatch) and your cover won't be blown.

I myself have been doing this secretly throughout the CP server. I am an assassin, throwing stars and always escaping. Trust me, if you are a "good" guy, be a double agent and join us. You won't regret it. It's really fun! Cool Cool

Bandits & Assassins CP Style (AGAIN) Bass
Strike the Foe!
Bandits & Assassins CP Style (AGAIN) Av-1649
Bandits & Assassins CP Style (AGAIN) Zero
Slice N' Dice!
Bandits & Assassins CP Style (AGAIN) Doublebeast
Double Beast Megaman!
Cyclone999 & Briggles
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Bandits & Assassins CP Style (AGAIN) Empty ok

Post  Nolaur on Tue Jan 08, 2008 1:32 pm

OK I'll join! It sounds like fun! Basketball

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