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Post  Nolaur on Wed Jan 09, 2008 8:50 am

OK well I wanted to start my own club penguin news site but since I got Cyc9's forum here I'll just post the news here! And if any of you want to help out that would be great! BUT you must have to know how to write at LEAST as good as me, and you must ask about it first!

The Club Penguin Bugle #1

This is the very first issue of The Club Penguin Bugle, this newspaper will have the latest club penguin news that the regular club penguin times does not have, so donít miss one issue of this great newspaper!
The Christmas party has ended witch to some penguins is a bummer but other penguins did not feel the same because they thought the music was getting annoying and there was a MAJOR invasion of nOObs everywhere! But the decorations were great and the hot coffee was great in the cold! Altogether the party was a huge success!
In other news, the new production at the stage will be coming out on Jan11 and penguins are thinking that the new production will be a superhero play! The penguins saw tons of boxes full of capes and Billybob gave us a picture of the big city so we are thinking it will be a superhero play for sure!

Well people I want to know what you think of it! If you like it please comment and if there are things witch you think I could improve please comment on that too! And since this is Cyc9's forum I would like to ask permission from him so I could keep this up! Very Happy

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