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Post  Cyclone999 & Briggles on Wed Dec 26, 2007 3:44 am

First, do you guys think the codebreaker codes they supply you don't work? I had the same problem...but I will convert them into Making them work! First things first:
Download CBA Crypt (if you aren't allowed just tell me which code you wanna convert).
Open it!
First, find the gameshark must be on code
Put the FIRST line. My game is Falzar European version, so I have this:
Make that code look like a codebreaker code, so:
930CFE0E 61A7 <---------just count 4 from the end and put a space!
and put it into the CBA Crypt
Then, put the code you want to convert, under the "M" code.
Such as--I want the Net Battle Stlye. The code is:
720348DC 001F
820348BC 5E44
(that is only for falzar english)
and put it under it so:
930CFE0E 61A7
720348DC 001F
820348BC 5E44
That would be your code. Then, click "Encyprt".
You will get a code. And that code should work!!!
My code then looked like this:
930CFE0E 61A7
61BB0D46 923D
FFE54231 01B0
and put it into your VBA and it will work!

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